Wang Renmei: The Wildcat of Shanghai – Book & DVD

Wild Rose (Ye Meigui), 1932
Wang Renmei, Jin Yan, Zhang Zhizhi, Han Langjen
Director Sun Yu

DVD Producer and Writer Richard J. Meyer
Original Music Composed & Performed by Donald Sosin

Digitization produced from a 35mm b/w print from the China Film Archive, PAL/NTSC (compatible for all regions), subtitles in Chinese and English.

Book: 157 pages, illustrated, soft cover

Richard J Meyer’s book Wang Renmei: The Wildcat of Shanghai tells the story of the dynamic Chinese movie star whose biography could have been a screenplay. Meyer covers Wang's remarkable films, her superstar husband Jin Yan, and her relationship to Mao Zedong.

Wang Renmei, in her first starring role, plays Xiao Feng or “Little Wind.” She falls in love with Jiang Bo, a wealthy painter played by Jin Yan, who takes her from her little fishing village to his family’s mansion in Shanghai. Class differences prevail, however, and the couple is thrown out to live in a slum. Jiang takes the fall when Xiao Feng, now known as “Wild Rose,” finds a drunk’s purse in the snow. Jail and his family separate the couple until they are reunited in a crowd of military volunteers and march forward with an army of patriots.