Jin Yan: The Rudolph Valentino of Shanghai - Book & DVD

The Peach Girl, 1931
Ruan Ling-yu, Jin Yan, S.Y. Li, Wong Kwai-ling, Chow Lee-lee
Director Bu Wanchang

DVD digitization produced from a 35mm b/w print from the China Film Archive, PAL/NTSC (compatible for all regions), subtitles in Chinese and English.
Book: 100pp, illustrated.

Richard J Meyer’s book Jin Yan: The Rudolph Valentino of Shanghai tells the remarkable story of the “Emperor of Film,” who dominated the golden age of Chinese silent movies. Jin Yan co-stars with Ruan Ling-yu in The Peach Girl.

In The Peach Girl, Ruan Ling-yu plays Lingu, a peasant girl, who falls in love with the landlord’s son De’en, played by Jin Yan, who fathers her child. He promises marriage but is forbidden by his mother to see her because of class differences. De’en finally come to Lingu’s side, as she lies dying. The landowner relents after her death and allows her son to raise the child.


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