Women's Suffrage and the Movie People

Part 3 in a series by Christine U'Ren

Clockwise from upper left: Die Suffragette ads from Germany, England, Brazil, Sweden. (See more at the Asta Nielsen database, where these three newspaper examples were found. Color poster from Wikimedia Commons.)

"Now, I suppose you want to know my opinion of woman suffrage—all reporters ask that the first thing."
—Mary Fuller, interview with Helen Batchelder Shute, The Motion Picture Story Magazine, February 1914

In Parts One and Two (A & B) of this series, we looked at movie depictions of the woman-suffrage movement, and how the suffragists themselves used films to spread their message. But what did movie-industry people think of the political issues they were exploring onscreen? Modern biographies of silent-film personalities rarely discuss the suffrage question, but during the 1910s, fan-magazines often addressed it, mainly when interviewing female stars...

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