Berklee Silent Film Orchestra

The Berklee Silent Film Orchestra (BSFO) is dedicated to composing new, original scores for silent classics and performing them live. Based at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, in the world’s only undergraduate degree program in film scoring, this all-student orchestra composes and performs for silent features under the direction of three-time Emmy nominee and Berklee Professor of Film Scoring Sheldon Mirowitz (Outside Providence, Missing in America), who serves as Artistic Director. Rob Hayes is Managing Director.

2017 marks Berklee's third appearance at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. The Last Laugh marked the orchestra’s ninth silent feature film score and its first appearance at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival in 2015. BSFO premiered its score for the Weimar-era classsic, Varieté at SFSFF 2016.

List of Berklee Silent Film Orchestra Composers and Players
Composers: Vincent Isler (Switzerland), Esin Aydingoz (Turkey), Bernard Duc (Switzerland), Victoria Ruggiero (USA), Andres Gutierrez (Mexico), Jeffrey Gaiser (USA), and Vinicius Pippa (Brazil)
Players: Gabriela Sofia Gomez Estevez (flute/piccolo), Lindsey Stein (oboe/English horn), Stephanie Clark (clarinet/bass clarinet), Dan Pfeiffer (horn), Joey Epstein (trumpet), Ethan Santos (trombone/bass trombone), Kino Lee (keyboard), Eren Başbuğ (keyboard), Tania Mesa (violin), Nathaniel Taylor (cello), Michael Simon (bass), Patrick Hanafin (percussion)

Berklee Silent Film Orchestra will accompany The Freshman on Opening Night (Thursday, June 1, at 7:00 pm)