Things We Like

Here are a few of our favorite things!

Where science and art are friends!

Musée Mécanique
Laffing Sal, Susie the Can-Can Dancer, memories of Playland at the Beach and old San Francisco

Vintage movie projectors on display!

Beautiful photography
There's no people like show people...

Filbert Steps and Grace Marchant Gardens
An enchanted spot off the beaten track on Telegraph Hill

Bummer and Lazarus
Two tails that wagged as one

826 Valencia
Students from 6 to 18 can hone their writing skills, and the general publc can stock up on pirate gear.

Market Street Railway
Downtown and beyond by way of vintage streetcars from cities around the world!

Soft Serve in a cone
A San Francisco treat

Noir City
We have our visas in order.

Movie Poster of the Week
Adrian Curry's wonderful, beautiful blog

Silent Cinema Resources
Where you can browse to your heart's content!